Spy Pics reveal more of the BMW M4 Convertible


The BMW M4 convertible has been pictured by spy photographers recently. It has no disguise on the roof or back of the car meaning that a lot more can be seen of it as in the past it has been almost completely covered up. Compared to previous pictures of the car, this means very much more can be seen than before and therefore more details noted.
The design of the car looks very similar to that used for the series 4 and is therefore likely to operate in the same way. It looks like there will be an effortless move for the manufacturers to move from coupe to convertible in the same way that they did with the M3. It is likely therefore that the car will be very similar to the one that was shown in Detroit.
There are still some aspects which have been disguised though, such as the front and rear fascia, quarter panels, mirrors, bonnet and side sills but this is still very little compared to what has been seen on the vehicle in the past. It is thought that with very little camouflage it is likely that the car could be shown in Geneva.


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