Spy Pics of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz GT AMG


The new Mercedes-Benz GT AMG has been seen again and photos have been taken of it. The vehicle has the code name C190 and it is a step forward from the SLS AMG. The SLS was looked highly upon because of the gullwing doors which will not feature on the new model, but this new car should look better overall with regards to styling, despite missing this fun feature. It looks more elegant because of the rear quarter windows and the fact that it is more compact. It has an upright windscreen and the headlights will have the torch motif on them.
The new GT AMG will be like the SLS in the sense that it is a sports car but it will be more realistic price wise and therefore more affordable. The SLS was in a higher price bracket but this car has been specifically designed to make it more affordable for all in order to make sure that it sells well. The SLS has seen less sales since it was announced that there would be a model to replace it and so it is important for this new GT to be made available as soon as possible before potential customers start looking elsewhere for a new car.
The platform will be that used for the SLS but upgraded somewhat. The body will be steel and aluminium which will help it to keep its weight down and get near to the 3300 pound target that has been set. The engine will be aft of the front wheels in the same way as the SLS one is.
The engine will be a 4.0 litre V8 with twin turbos that will be fitted in a selection of AMG cars such as the C63. It is still being developed at the moment but it is expected that it will manage more than 500 horsepower and will have a seven speed dual clutch automatic gearbox with rear wheel drive. It is expected that the GT will have the Black Series treatment but this will not happen straight away, it may be a few years after launch. This model should see horse power in excess of 600.
The model will be in competition with the Porsche 911 turbo, Audi R8, Jaguar F-type R Coupe and Aston Martin V8 Vantage.  It is expected that it will debut in the summer probably ready for sale the following year. The price will probably be below $120,000 in order to make it cheaper than the SLS.


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