Spy Photos of the Jaguar F-Type four Wheel Drive 2015


Spy Photos of the Jaguar F-Type four Wheel Drive 2015
Jaguar will be releasing four wheel drive versions of its roadster and F-type coupe soon and there have been photos taken of the Jaguar F-type four wheel drive models out testing.
The pictures were taken in the West Midlands near to the Gaydon R&D base and the photographer realised there was something strange about the car and then realised that the bonnet was higher than usual.
It looks like Jaguar was testing its new four wheel drive version F-type as it is realeasing four wheel drive versions in order to compete with BMW, Audi and Mercedes and it is likely that there will be a 2015 launch for them.
The F-type is a rear wheel drive sports car but there s still a market for a four wheel drive option according to Jaguar who feel that people enjoy the greater traction they can get even in a coupe and roadster especially in the winter. This is particularly true for North America and Alpine Europe where there is a lot of ice and snow. The Porsche Carrerra 4 has already done something like this,
The raised bonnet of the car will have a set of drive shafts underneath it which would not fit underneath a standard hood. This is what was the big give away as to what the car actually was.
There have been four wheel drive versions of other Jaguars such as the XJ and XF which have increased North American sales. These cars use a transfer case which is next to the gear box and allows drive to be sent to the front axle with the torque spread between wheels depending n the data gained from vehicle speed sensors that are located at each corner.
This will be a similar system to that in the F-type. Jaguar will soon have to rival Audi’s Quattro range with its four wheel drive systems and they will offer the option in the next XE and the 2016 SUV which is based on the C-X17 concept car.
It is expected that the F-type four by four will be launched in the US, probably nearest to its biggest part of the market so possibly the Los Angeles motor show in November 2014.
There seems to also be a manual F-type as well on offer. The company is very keen to build on the success of the F-type and so they are keeping the derivatives flowing to take advantage of this. The all-wheel drive F-type is only one of them as there will also be a six speed manual transmission model available from 2015. So far all F-types have been automatic but there has been a manual version spotted in prototype form and it is predicted that this will accompany the V6 engine.
There will also be other additions to the range to fill in gaps as well. There will be an F-type R roadster and there will be engine options added to the range as well in the future. There is likely to be a four cylinder F type once the JLR Ingenium engine family is being used.
There are rumours too that the junior F-type will get a 2.0 litre turbocharged engine capable of 300bhp. This means that the F-type will not remain as a rare groove sports car for very much longer it will move in to a selection of new niches.


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