Spy Photos of the BMW X6 2015 Analysed


The BMW X6 has been seen but covered in a lot of camouflage. This car will use the mechanicals from the X5 but it will be more stylish and less practical. It has even been said that the shape of the X6 is somewhat iconic like the Porsche 911 is.
The team at BMW have therefore put together a style which is very similar to the original but has new headlights, that blend in to the grille in the way that the new X5 do. It also has a taller bonnet than the original did. The interior will be more sophisticated though, than the current model in the same way that the X5 did.
The current X6 has been outsold by all of the other BMW models apart from the Z4 but it has great profit margins because there is not much investment in the engineering. It is a main stay in their SUV collection as well and so they need to make sure that they keep competition from the Audi Q8 and Mercedes Benz MLC at bay.
It is expected that it will have the same platform as the 2014 X5. The dimensions will be the same but it will be lighter by 200 pounds. There will be electric assisted power steering and a more up to date electronics architecture so that the latest telematics and infotainment systems offered by BMW can be put in.
There will be a choice of engine for buyers in the US. They can either have the 445hp 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 or they can have a 300hp 3.0 litre turbocharges straight six. It is expected that there will be xDrive all wheel drive with the possibility of rear wheel drive being offered as well. The X5 only offered rear wheel drive as an option on the 2014 model. As the X6 is not necessarily for those that worry about efficiency or cost then there may be no need for this efficient option.  They may have the option of a diesel engine but it may not be right for the X6 and so the ActiveHybrid X6 could be a more likely option. This is a follow up to the X6 M and can produce up to 600 hp with an eight speed automatic gear box.
The car will be in direct competition with the Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz M-class, Audi Q7 and BMW X5. It is expected that the BMW X6 will be launches next summer and be slightly more expenisve than the $61,725 entry price on the current model. It may mean that the premium on the X5 which has identical equipment will range from $8000 to $10,000.



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