Spy photos of the 2014 Mercedes Benz CLA45 AMG


What it is- this is the AMG version of the Mercedes Benz yet to be launched a class based compact sedan. This is the CLA, which is taken to be the younger brother of the CLS four door coupe. The AMG version will be a powerful all wheel drive model although there are some appearance based differences. These will be in the form of aero flics, which are found around the lower front intakes, a large rear spoiler (meant to improve high-speed stability) and rectangular dual exhaust outlets. The car will look splendid 19 inch aluminum wheels shod with 235/35 rubber. The old-fashioned column mounted shifter will be exchanged for one on the center console. The dashboard will be made from woven carbon fiber structure. The new launch will emulate the rear wheel drive AMG model.Why it matters- the AMG chief Ola Kallenius intends to make the AMG sub-brand much more in reach of the new customers through the CLA45 AMG and the A45 AMG. The A45 AMG will not come to the U.S. the AMG chief wants to expand his business and make AMG a serious contender especially when BMW’s M GmbH is losing it’s edge.
Power train- this car is powered by Benz’s M133.20 liter four-cylinder engine. This engine is force-fed by one huge twin scroll BorgWarner turbo charger. 350 hp will be the maximum horsepower the torque will cross 295 lb-ft. the M133 is taken from the Mercedes most recent market four-cylinder engine. The transmission will be Mercedes seven-speed dual clutch automatic, which is further, strengthened for the AMG. The basis for the all wheel drive system will be the unit, which will be seen in the non-AMG models, although it will be slightly modified because of the high torque of the AMG. The stability control system will be seen in Sport, Regular and Full off models. The last setting will give rear-biased delivery of power.
The “one man, one engine” concept will be retained by the AMG for the CLA45 version. The engines will definitely be done up at the Mercedes Benz engine plant in Kolleda instead of in AMG’s home in Affalterbach. With the AMG CLA45, expect a 0to 60 time of less than 5 seconds. This comes with a standard government last speed of 155 mph but along with a 175mph limiter, only as an option.
Platform-Mercedes new CC platform will be the basis of the CLA. This platform was ushered in by the by the B class and it includes the A class hatchback, a crossover SUV model, the CLA and one more styling for the body like that of a CLA station wagon. This platform is made to share electronic components and power train with the Benz’s rear wheel drive sedans thus giving on offer very advanced technical features. Top-notch handling characteristics and ultra direct steering are some of the strengths of this new model.
What might go wrong- it is a possibility that the CLA45 could eat up into the sales of the rigorously fast but fuel guzzling C63AMG. Customer reactions to the rather curvaceous styling of the CLA45 are yet to be seen.
Competition- nothing other than the BMW 135i.
Price and Estimated Arrival- the CLA45 is expected to be seen in the showroom in late 2013 and it will be sold as a 2014 model. Prices may start at $50,000.


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