Spy Photos of Jaguar XJ Facelift


Spy Photos of Jaguar XJ Facelift
There have been some new spy photographs taken of the Jaguar XJ and it looks like it will be getting a face lift from the disguise on the front of the model.
The pictures were in CAR magazine and seem to show the long wheelbase XJL if the stretched rear door and longer passenger compartment are anything to go by. The side window lines are framed in chrome which is unusual and really emphasises the fact that a long wheelbase is being used. It is expected that this revised edition of the car will arrive in 2015.
The new version of the XJ is expected to have a selection of changes. The front will see some differences. There is a new secondary air intake which is position underneath the main grille. The grille itself is made from cross hatched wire but it is not clear whether this is something which will be on all models or just the XJ Supersport.
The photos also show that the Jaguar badge has a new plinth as well. This could have sensors in it for things like radar, intelligent cruise control and obstacle detection or any sort of semi autonomous driving systems. There is also some interesting disguise around the front lights which suggests that there will be a change there too. It could easily be having LED lights to keep up with other cars in that part of the market such as the Audi A8 but there could be some style changes to them as well.
The back of the car shows no signs of any change though. It looks extremely similar and although there could be some changes to the lights in store it is unlikely they would want to make much of a change to the distinctive and radical back of the car anyway.


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