Spy Photos of 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLA


Mercedes Benz comes up with an all new GLA compact, which is currently undergoing testing. It has an A class body and the photos suggest that this offering is going to be bigger than any other A class on board. Unless this turns out to be the much anticipated L.L.Bean A250 edition, or else it is definitely a GLA crossover under the wraps. It is not a news that Mercedes has been planning to come up with something new, small, A class type below the GLK. Going by the small aspect, the hype and money is definitely on the GLA class, which offers high ride in comparison to the GLC. But by all means, the GLA is a good match to the upcoming and most definitely an equally good A class CLA sedan. The expected date of arrival in the U.S. is sometime next year.
The competition is heating up; the competitors of Benz are soon announcing their entries on the U.S. market. While BMW is going to come with the X1, on the other hand Audi also brings Q3 to the Detroit Auto Show.
Mercedes is most definitely going with the latest on the platform, in a quite a few models and one of them is GLA. Considering that it has the A-class structure, this offering from Mercedes comes with a front alone drive option, which means there could be all wheel drive option, even if it is not a standard one. We don’t quite have updates on how the GLA actually looks, however going by both the logic as well the artistry of the company, it is going to show high resemblance to the current A class. It could be a bit taller and much of the macho like detailing. It is certain to deliver some fine dynamics, and going by what we felt during the small hatch drive in Europe, it is definitely going to impress the buyers.

Just like the A class, even the GLA is going to offer a huge range of four cylinders (turbocharged). Watch out for the offering to go up to a 2.0 liter, in comparison to the Benz’s already 1.8 and of course diesel offering of 2.1 liters. There could be either a six speed manual option or seven speed automatic option of dual clutch. Moreover, do not really hold your breath to get a stick to enter to the U.S. order sheet.
As far as the competition is concerned, it comes from various directions. You can expect Range Rover Evoque, BMW X1, Mini Countryman and Audi Q3 as potential competitors.
This car is expected to be on sale somewhere around next year, of course in the regular form. But, the good news is that the hotter version is definitely going be following it very soon. Based on the photo release, if GLA AMG is going to be released, you can expect it to come with a 350 hp, all-wheel drive option which is borrowed from the CLA45 AMG sedan and it would be known as GLA45.



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