Spy photos of 2014 Cadillac CTS


Spy photos of 2014 Cadillac CTS
Based on the updates of the recently spotted Cadillac, it presents itself as a high performance vehicle. Though the expectations of having a coupe derivate are high, nothing has been finalized as yet. The decision will roll in anytime this year, may be in the fourth quarter part of this year. However, the news suggests that the wagon has been off for the CTS third generation.
If you wondering as to how it matters, well it does because the Cadillac’s bestselling car has always been CTS. After the end to STS and DTS, CTS was the only car that was running till the time when XTS and ATS was launched. Now that it has entered the third generation, the sales need to be pumped up in order to take the brand name on the next level, especially amongst the luxury buyers.
If we look at the platform, CTS has always faced the task of maintaining its spot with the other luxury brands on the market. Reports suggest that the 2014 model will have some changes, longer by 2 to 3 inches and some inches added to the wheelbase. It will turn out to be competing with the European and Japanese mid-size luxury based cars. At the same time, you will that there will be a breather for the small sized ATS 2013 version. Alpha Platform is being incorporated in the next gen CTS. The growth may not be as obvious and one of the reasons could be the evolution of Art and Science design language by Cadillac. You can see the sharp lines being toned down a little bit so that some resemblance. But, it seems like CTS will not be as soft looking on the overall front.
Powertrain: CTS 2014 version will offer yet again a V-6 power which comes in two flavors. The current offering of CTS’s 3.0 liter V-6 version which is the standard kind will carry only in an automatic kind. A 265 something HP base model, 3.6 liter, 318 hp V-6 will undergo some kind of changes, either in the automatic transmissions or in the manual. The 2.0 liter ATS turbocharged with four cylinders will come in the CTS performance trim model. This has 280 hp and you can find it in both gearboxes be it the manual or the automatic. The wheel drive is limited to the natural similar aspirated kinds that have an automatic kind of transmission.
Post the new CTS goes for sale, there is a high anticipation of a GM developed model with an eight speed automatics that offers six cog boxes a year.
Competition: if you look at the competition front, you can get it from cars like Mercedes Benz E-class, Infiniti M, Audi A6, Lexus GS, and BMW- 5 Series etc.
Estimated Time of Arrival and the Price: the new CTS will arrive next year with a 2014 model. You shouldn’t be surprised to see the prices reaching a $40,000 mark. As of now, the current price is around $30,000 mark and this is the price for the new model of ATS too.


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