Spy Photos of 2013 Ford Transit: So Long, 1975!


Twin Turbo Haulers with Diesel on its way.
Ford brings a replacement to the Primeval E series. It is a full size van. The spied version is a high roof version, and the low roof one will be available globally, however it is doubtful to have this version available in the country. Reports suggest that apart from its name, there isn’t much of a relation between the car transit connect with the European transit. The US model most probably will come under the Transit banner; however it will have badges of T-250, 350 and 450.
Even though it has a sort of senile platform, with of course the ever thirsty engine, Ford still manages to do a great job by selling quite a few of these E-series vans. Almost all the vans from ford are sold to the governments and other utility companies or agencies with big businesses.
There are some of other car companies that are introducing full size vans too. This means ford has to hold onto this model, which apparently offers more fuel efficiency so as to help maintain its strong position. The statistics as per last year was 51; it needs to maintain a good. The good sales won’t do as much on the market because it cannot manage to the margins of E series. There has been very less of R&D done in this area and very little money has been spent over the last twenty years.
You will find a new body coming for the Transit. However, it seems like a few of its components are coming from F 150 and the Ford Ranger, which is not available any more. The European Transit is with a front rear with an all-wheel drive. This means our version is going to go with standard equipment. Though all wheel drive will be a good plus point, but the cost and weight will not let it outshine. So, probably you have let go off the front wheel drive.
For this version of Transit, the Eco Boost V6 twin turbocharged has been confirmed. At the same time, you have a mystery diesel with a 3.5-liter eco boost, which will take it up to 365 hp and torque of 420 lb-ft delivering a very good eco boost. If we speak about the diesel, you get a 3.5 liter inline five, that makes it to 97 hp and offering a 420 lb-ft. this is the case with ford vehicles in a few other countries too. The strategy opted by this company includes using Eco boost engines as a powertrain solution and the Transit will offer at least one natural based aspiration engine. The natural fit would include the company a V-6 3.7 liter and a 300 something hp.
The competition for this car might come from the soon to be launched Ram van by Fiat, Mercedes-Benz Sprinter, Chevy Express, Nissan NV and the GMC Savana.
The production of this car begins in Kansas City, Missouri in 2013. However, the exact date hasn’t been confirmed as yet. The starting price would be something close to $30,000. However, the fleet pricing might differ; there are certain negotiations in that department.


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