Spy Photos in Nurburgring Mini cooper (2014)


Spy Photos in Nurburgring Mini cooper (2014)
The next generation of the Mini cooper From BMW whose code name is F56 and probably will show in 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show.  The new Mini Mk3 photo graphs were taken from the CAR magazine spy photographers at Nurburgring in Germany.
The Mini is having a full family of new generation. As we have already mentioned in the earlier MINI scoops the full family is being introduced to the market. The first mini scoop is with a three door hatch back, as in the photos here. The nose of the Mini Scoop is plain, the front is overhanging, the headlamp assembly in the front gives a different structure. The indicators are on the top of the main beam cluster. The whole car is Mini and is different.
Mini on the new platform
From the R family to the F family the transition is more advanced. This is a joint venture between the Mini and the BMW. The front wheel drive architecture through the new Minis gets a modern generation of small BMWs.
In other name it is called the LU for its lower class line, the F matrix is the basis for MK3 Minis and the future 1-series BMWs.
Though the photo shows a three door Mini, there are five doors Mini also. In the past Mini, the models from Riley and Wolseley were manufacturing only two door cars. But our future generation will see the cars with five doors.
Mixing the practicality and style, the five door cars will be an addition to the future generation cars. The family people will surely like this model. With the addition of two doors the Mini model will have many other changes. The changes are the third side window, its own number of doors, bespoke grille, c-post upright and long overhang.
This three door 2013 Mini will look like the todays then what is new.
Best Part. It is a good business for the next generation Mini tells the spy photos. the new photos gives the details that the new Mini introduced is a bit bigger and also has more space inside the car. The shape of the Mini is not changed; some decorative things are also introduced to give the 2013/2014 new Mini an extra look.

The spy photo is of Cooper S which is retaining the twin pipes which is centrally mounted on the back part.
Mini car intends to pull crowds on street with its beautiful exterior. The interior is classy, green content and a cooper –bred dynamics. The versions of the bar coopers and JCW is powered by the turbo charged highly efficient three cylinder engines. The Next Mini Countyman replaced with a hybrid.
Mini Paceman: Will be introduced in 2013
The Mini family will be introducing many cars and currently there is a new Mini car introduced. The company is planning to launch the Paceman Coupe in October 2012, which looks like a junior X6. This is less practical and more cooler Mini Countryman.


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