Spy photos BMW or Alfa Romeo GT?


Spy photos BMW or Alfa Romeo GT?BMW 3 Series G20 Dimensions: Premiere 2018 in Paris

The 3 grows. Compared to its predecessor, it stretches 76 millimeters to a length of almost 4.71 meters. The width grows by 16 millimeters (1,827 m), the height barely. Between the axles BMW leaves 41 millimeters more space. That gives you 2,851 meters wheelbase. Nevertheless, there is little change in the back seat. There is a good inch more space behind the front seats. The middle position in row two will be more comfortable and the bench will be wider. Our impression: The space is acceptable, but not lush. The 3 Series continues to put more emphasis on dynamics than on passengers.

The dimensions of the BMW 3 Series (G20) in detail

  • Length: 4.709 m
  • Width: 1,827 m
  • Height: 1,442 m
  • Wheelbase: 2,851 m
  • Gauge: 1,589 m (v.) / 1,604 m (h.)
  • Boot volume: 480 l
  • Weight: 1.545 kg (330i)

The dynamic helps the wider track. At the front are 43 millimeters more between the wheels, rear 21 millimeters. For this, the suspension engineers have increased the camber on the front axle and stiffened the body structure and the chassis connection. Overall, the 3 Series should be 25 percent more rigid, in some areas even by 50 percent.

Spy photos BMW or Alfa Romeo GT?50 percent is also the most important weight distribution. The 330i weighs almost exactly half on each axle. In addition, the 3 Series will be easier. The 330i weighs 1,545 kilograms, which is 25 kilos less than its predecessor. For the 320d, however, the data sheet with six-speed manual transmission shows 20 kilograms more, with eight-speed automatic transmission it is five kilograms. According to BMW, this is partly due to the extensive equipment. For individual model variants BMW promises “equipment-adjusted” a weight advantage of up to 55 kilos.

Spy photos BMW or Alfa Romeo GT?



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