Spy Photographs Captured Of The 2014 Model Infiniti Electric Vehicle


Spy Photographs Captured Of The 2014 Model Infiniti Electric Vehicle

This car is a mule for the new electric sedan coming out. Up unto this point, there were only sketches of this fantastic car. The EV by Infiniti will appeal to those shoppers that want an environmentally conscious car while still have Infiniti’s luxury brand appended to their car hood. It will be nearer the bottom of the Infiniti range.
Electric vehicles really haven’t hit the mainstream yet, but there are a lot of carmakers that don’t want to be left in the proverbial roadside dust on this issue. They don’t want to get kicked to the curb. This should be a lot easier because Nissan Leaf parts are already floating around out there. Adding an electric vehicle to the Infiniti range will reinforce the brand’s image as a maker of luxury and technological cars.

It will be a front-wheel drive like its Nissan Leaf friend. However, unlike that car, which is a classic hatchback, the Infiniti will be set up as a chic, quick sedan.

There was a 107-hp rating for the engine inside the Nissan Leaf, and this could be increased. The underlying mechanism may still be the same though. The Infiniti will probably use better lithium-ion battery packs to enhance the marketable 100-mile range on the Nissan Life. Generally, the testers got 58 miles for each on a test that spanned 2,700 miles or thereabouts in general.

There is not much competition these days for this car. There are only a couple fully electric vehicles that are sold in the United States right now, and the only premium one is the BMW Active E, which is an electric 1-series coupe. However, not many of those were released. And, those that were released were extremely expensive. Within the next three years or so, there will be a lot more of these models released. There will be the i3, A3 e-tron, and Model S from BMW, Audi, and Tesla respectively. There are some big-customer EV cars coming out too including models by Honda, Ford, and Chevy.

The probable price and arrival time is going to be around 2014. It will come in at about $34,570, and there will be a $7,500 tax credit too. Before taxes, the sticker price should be around $40,000.


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