Spy Photographs: 2014 Chevy SS Model


Spy Photographs: 2014 Chevy SS Model
General Motors did not plan to start producing the brand new Chevrolet SS model till early next year. Recently, the company has been seen testing its model on United States lane. The spy photographers have managed to snap few shots of a disguised version. The upcoming Chevrolet’s model will share its Zeta platform with Caprice PPV. In fact comparatively shorter Caprice civilian version is being included in Chevrolet’s line up as a new version. The new model will also serve as the brands NASCAR entry.
Recently, the Chevy’s new plan has been announced regarding this car. Later, the company officially confirmed it. It is very important for two key reasons- firstly, it revives the well liked car, Pontiac G8. Secondly, it is a huge, rear-drive sedan which will get V-8 power. Similar to different Holden products and G8, the SS model will be a short-wheelbase version of the GM’s Zeta. Basically, the new Chevrolet will be a “Pontiac G8 beneath, and doors, glass and roofline match the obsolete Pontiac too. Moreover, the SS model will get bow tie-detailed styling at the rear and the front.

The test car that is being seen in these photographs is having heavy disguise at the end but one can notice some probable dissimilarity between it and the G8 and Caprice via the cladding. Spatially, the SS appears as if it will get more intakes and cooling ducts than the cop car. The rear end of the car also looks closer in implementation to the former G8 than to the Caprice with a forceful diffuser style bumper element and trunk lid-mounted license place. As compared to the G8, the SS model is supposed to obtain a lightweight treatment.

The company is yet to confirm regarding engine set up. Experts expect that it will launch with the V8 6.2 liters from the Camaro. The models big 8 cylinder will make use of more power than the PPV’s V-8 6.0 liter in the area of 415 hp. It is believed that a V-6 3.6 liter will enter to the power train mix soon. If you required any more reason to get excited about the car then a tested 415-hp G8 GXP reached 60 mph within 4.7 seconds. We are hoping that the models 6-speed manual makes it to the Chevy version.

The top competitors include Pontiac G8, Dodge Charger, Chrysler 300 and the estimated pricing and arrival time is yet to be announced. It may be revealed this summertime. The sources confirm that the production car will not make it to showrooms till coming year. Whilst most of the nose is blotted out by camo, we can notice a set of LED lights glancing via the mesh. The Chevrolet SS concept will be built with the next-generation Commodore in Australia in 2013.  Beyond that, SS will not be a derivative model, rather a brand new concept with a usual wheelbase.


  1. Please don’t sell it as “SS”-Modell in Europe….!!!! This could be cause some misunderstandings…


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