Spy Photographers Caught a Glimpse of BMW Z5 for the First Time


car spy photos BMW Z5 2017

Despite a very cold weather, spy photographers managed to catch a glimpse of a long-awaited BMW Z5. The car spy photos BMW Z5 2017 were taken in Scandinavia during the first test-drive of the Z4 successor. The prototype was all camouflaged and it was not possible to see a lot, however a version will keep the traditional features of a roadster, like a broad grille and a long bonnet. It was also possible to notice the extendable top and double exhaust complex.

The company has not said much about the car it is developing, but it is known that the work is going together with Toyota. Even though, Z5 will share a platform with Toyota version, in the rest the cars won’t have much in common and will both have original internal and external design characteristics.

The company also has not specified what kind of engine variants the Z5 will have, but it is expected that it will include the 2 liter motor with turbocharger for 4 cylinder and 6 cylinder with turbocharger. There are also rumors about the appearance of the hybrid version as well as high-productive M option, which will be able to have horsepower of 425.

The Z5 is undergoing early stages of test-drive now, but it is said that the version for production might be presented next year.


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