Sprinter Style Van being Tested by Hyundai


Hyundai have recently been seen testing what looks like a new commercial van in a Sprinter style. Many companies are doing well from commercial sales and so as Hyundai are aiming to be the largest car maker in the world it is a part of the market that they will have to offer. It has not yet offered very much with regards to large commercial vans in North America since it stopped selling the Veracruz and Entourage. Elsewhere it does have the H-series of vans as well as the i800 but these spy shots imply that they have something else planned.
The van was photographed in Europe while it was being tested. It looks like it is a similar size to the Ram Promaster and Mercedes-Benz Sprinter but with lots of disguise on it, there is very much else to note apart from the small wheels that reflex the look of European vans. It is impossible to tell even whether it is rear, front or all-wheel drive.
This van may not make it to the US of course, it may just be being readies for sale in Europe, However it is a possibility as there are offerings from Nissan, Ram and Ford identifying a market in North America. However, here would be a lot of money and effort involved in getting a big van into a country that did not yet have anything of that size with the sale retraining and the upgraded service departments to accommodate the size being costly challenges.


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