Spotted- The Chevy SS prototype wearing Pontiac G8 clothes


The photographs may force the viewer to think that it is the rebirth of the Pontiac brand but in actuality, a G8 was used to disguise a test mule for the latest version of the forthcoming Chevrolet SS. There was a close relation between the G8, the Vauxhall VXR and the Holden Commodore the platform upon which the new Chevy model will be based. Thus is comes as no surprise that General Motors used the cladding from the former G8.The front images of this mule show it to be pure Pontiac but then the viewer makes note of the vent immediately behind the front wheel. This is unmistakably a design of the Vauxhall VXR. The Chevy SS is a right hand drive and this again shows a close relationship between Holden and it’s Chevy counterpart. This again includes potential drive trains. Another thing as shows by the spy photos of this mule is very wide rear tires and rear wheels, which do not go with the front of the car.
Rumor has it that production of the three vehicles is set to commence in late 2013 somewhere in Australia.


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