Spotted Mclaren which tested for the successor of F 1


Spotted Mclaren which tested for the successor of F 1
Reports and assumptions are going only till this far, the stratosphere of the sight will get into the space, actually from where is originated from.  A strong proof is required for the production of the record breaking car. For that proof we have come here ladies and gentlemen from the bench of the jury.
The car which is discussed here is the successor of the MCLaren and is long waited. The original car had created a record and crossed all the notions when it was on roads in 1992.  So the successor will be anticipated more eagerly now. It is expected to have 700 horse power, anticipated to cross the Bugatti Veyron pace. It is expected to challenge the Enzo mostly for which the Ferrari is trying to work upon.
The skills of Frank Stephenson, who is the father of Mini cooper is said to be crossed by the new version.  He has worked for the BMW X5, Fiat 500 and many Ferrari models. After he came to McLaren it took a little time for him to make his mark on MP4-12C whose big brother is expected as his first design after he joined Mc Laren.
From the secret shots which are snapped we can tell that some elements of the MP4-12C styles are seen. The original Mc Laren styles are also not forgotten here. The wind shield which is packed from the green house seems like as though it is lifted from the boat with a glass bottom. A vent comes out of the roof camouflage.  A giant pipe pops high up from the rear. This is like a diffuser which is kept under the body.
The shape of the car is longer than MP4-12C.  These will accommodate more than eight cylinders which are more than the previous version which held eight pods. When the Ferrari F70 gets into the market the V12F1 also is expected to hit the market. Maranello and Woking are working together for the same.


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