Spotted in testing: Cadillac Elmiraj sedan RWD


There has still been no confirmation as to whether this car really will be called the Elmiraj, STS or anything else (with LTS among other things registered by GM) the spy shots at least show that there is a vehicle on the cards. It was seen in a northern country for the first time and the shots are the first that have been seen of it.
The bodywork is long and large and is on the GM rear drive architecture. There is cladding and camouflage which means it is not easy to pick up too many clues about it. However, the blocky design and sharp edges are similar to what has been seen on the ATS coupe and new CTS. The stance is strong with a wheel at each corner and this helps to make the length seem even greater on this stretched car. The proportions make it look like it will be a full size flagship car.
It could be that the sedan will have detailing similar to that of the Elmiraj coupe but at the moment the prototypes spotted have only had four doors.
There have been many turbocharged engines used by Cadillac latterly but it is anyone’s guess as to what this new model has under the bonnet. It could be anything from the V6 to the V8 which could bring it up to scratch when it is competing with the Mercedes-Benz S-class and BMW 7 series. It is expected that there will be a production version ready to sell for the 2016 model year.



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