Sport to be the name of the new Land Rover Discovery


The new car for 2015 from Land Rover will be called a Discovery sport. This was an announcement made in New York by the company. The new compact SUV will replace the Freelander and will be a seven seater that should appear in the UK early next year. It is expected that the price will be just below that of the Evoque.
Gerry McGovern, the chief creative officer of Land Rover had the honour of making the announcement and he explained that it will be the most capable and versatile SUV in its segment.
The Discovery label will cover a selection of different cars. This will include the small Sport as well as a replacement for the Mk4 Discovery which will arrive in 2016. The look of this concept car will influence the baby Discovery.
The Evoques steel platform will form the basis for the Discovery Sport. It isn’t aluminium like the Range Sport, Range Rover and large Discovery will be.
The size of the car will be about the same as the Freelander that it is replacing but there will be a more efficient use of space making room for the seven seats. It will be versatile as well so that it can be moved around inside so that it could be a one seater car with lots of storage space or a seven person vehicle and many options in between.
There will be four cylinder engines with the option of diesel or petrol. The car will get the new Ingenium engine but it is not clear whether the turbocharged aluminium one will be ready when the car is introduced to the market in January. It might be that the Jaguar XE will be the first one with these engines in April 2015.


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