Spied- The Smart for two Mule


The new generation Smart for Two is being developed by Smart and the car will be seen in a stretched version. Touted to be seen on the roads in 2013, the regular For Two, as the name suggests will be a two sweater and the For Two+2 will get two doors in the rear for easy entry and exit from the small rear.
Both the among mentioned versions of the Smart For Two will retain the rear wheel drive tag while the engine for both versions will be seen below the trunk floor. The four model version will be seen with a longer wheelbase for the extra two passengers. This longer version is the first four seater from Smart after the For Four which was most definitely not a hit for Daimler.
Both the models are expected to have several engine models offered to them. A passive hybrid and an EV model are also touted to be part of these engine models. The mule spotted in the spy photos is seen wearing the headlights from the previous Twingo and the taillights are from the Twingo. This new generation Smart for Two has been launched because of the collaboration between Renault Alliance and Diamler, which is part of the Edison Project, signed in the year of 2010.


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