Spied: 2013 Opel Junior (Allegra)


Spied: 2013 Opel Junior (Allegra)

As we know Opel is working on a small car that will slot in underneath the Corsa. This baby Opel that we have called “junior” will probably get the name Allegra when it’s time for the official debut. This is the very first time the Junior is spotted outside a test facility and driving on public roads. The Junior is expected to be around 3.70 m long and will be sold as a 3 door version only. The question is if the Opel Junior will hit against the VW Up, or if it will go more premium and upmarket and fight against the Mini and Fiat 500 when it’s expected to arrive in 2013. Opel is developing a new family of engines for the Junior, engines that we probably also will see in the next generation Opel Corsa.

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