Some Details About the Mercedes CLA Saloon


The new Mercedes CLA small saloon is due to be shown in January 2013 at the Detroit motor show. You will find that it will be a spin off the new A-class family of cars and there will be a 350 bhp AMG version which will be the top of the range.  More details of the car have been revealed below.
The car is aimed at US and Chinese markets because this type of car is very popular there and they are not bought much in Europe. The German premium brands are starting to make small saloons though.
The new CLA will sit in the market to compete with the BMW New Entry Sedan and the Audi A3 sportlimosine. It will basically be a four door coupe crossover but small. It will be available in a four-wheel drive and a front-wheel drive and will have the A-class front-wheel drive architecture.
Some spyshots were actually taken by Daimler recently of the car and it published details of the car.
CAR have found out information about the new four door coupe and state that it is longer than the rear wheel drive c-class car which is actually more expensive. This part of the car market demands a lot of space inside the vehicle and it certainly seems to be offering that.
The Mercedes CLA will have 7 options for engines as well. There will be a CLA 180 122bhp 1.6,  CLA 200 156bhp 1.6, CLA 200 4-Matic, 170bhp, CLA 250 211bhp 2.0, CLA 180CDI 109bhp 1.6, CLA 200CDI 136bhp 1.8 and a CLA 220CDI 170bhp 2.2. It is expected that at the very top of the range there will be the VLA 45 with a  350bhp 2.0 liter turbo engine which will have four wheel drive, seven speed, DCT twin clutch transmission.


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