Skoda Octavia Sedan Spied


The 2013 Skoda Octavia has been spotted by photographers before but the new pictures reveal even more.
The car seen has the same licence plate as that pictured in the past and so it would seem that it was the same car. The pictures are clearer this time though and so it is easier to see it. It seems that it will be a premium model from the way that it is modelled. The design looks like those in the VW group. There have been some official teaser photos releases which show the design of the taillight and the rear door window pane. These hardly give any more clues!
The Octavia will have more premium features on some of the high end cars but not enough to prevent it from being the affordable vehicle that it has the reputation of being. Anything too expensive could make it unpopular in Europe as it does sell well because eit offers such good value for money. It is lighter than the second generation model and it will fit it the market where the new Golf and Leon sit.


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