Skoda Octavia RS280 Sleeper Wagon Seen in Testing


There are not many choices in America for buyers who are looking for a hot hatch except between  Volkswagon GTI or Golf R but a lot more choice overseas. It looks like a new one is on the way to join them. They can choose at the moment from a Skoda Octavia RS or a Seat Leon Cupra in two tuning options but it looks like there will soon be a new Octavia for them to pick from.
The RS280 was seen in Europe out testing with very little camouflage on it. This is a hotter version of the Octavia RS as it has a more powerful 2.0 litre engine which has 276 horsepower. This will be more powerful than the Octavia RS which has the same engine but only 217 hp as well as a diesel engine which can do 181 hp. This means that it is being develop with a big jump from the RS in the same way that Jaguar has a big jump when making their XFR-S Sportbrake.
There looks to be some other extras on the car as well. It has a suspension that looks bigger and the wheels are those used on the Audi TT RS as well as it having quad exhaust tips and aggressive aero. There is also a matte black treatment and the brightwork has been blacked out as well. It is expected that the cat will debut next year at some point but is unlikely to be available in the states.


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