Six Speed Manual Available on the 2015 Chevrolet Colorado


The Chevrolet Colorado 2015 will please those pick up drivers that like a manual gearbox. There will be a six-speed manual transmission option when the cars start on the production line at the beginning of next year.
Mark Reuss, the President of GM North America explained to Automotive News that it may not be the best decision as it is risky. He explains that it could not be financially sounds as it is something that has not been tried before but they are happy to take a risk. They do have a manual version of the Colorado selling in Brazil, Thailand and other countries. This means that they already have the tools to build it and the risks are therefore less. However they still have the costs of increased build complexity, stocking replacement parts and certifying a different powertrain combination.
There was a manual on offer in the form of five speeds in the last generation Colorado in 2012 which was its final model year. The gearbox was that used in the Saturn Sky and Pontiac Solstice and it was available in two and four wheel drive versions. The GMC Canyon also offered it in its base two wheel drive. Many other cars also seem to have manual options with the Toyota Tacoma having five and six manual options with its four and six cylinder engines available on the two and four wheel drive versions and on all cab sizes. The Nissan Frontier also has manual options following a similar pattern. It may even seem that the risk is higher than suggested. This is because the main competitors have lots of manual options whereas GM are only offering the manual option on their base model which is the two wheel drive with extended cab work. They may be better offering it right across their line including the mid level range which is where most buyers will probably be spending their money.
It is possible that there will be a similar option for the 2015 Canyon, but there has been no news of this yet. It is expected to debut in January at Detroit. There has also been no information about whether the Colorado six speed manual will be available with a diesel engine option. There are not many diesel engine pick-ups available with manual gears apart from the Frontier, Tacoma and full size Ram 2500 and 3500.


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