Six New Features that Dominate the Mercedes E-Class (2016)


The Mercedes E-class has had an overhaul ready for 2016 to try to improve the sales of the vehicle. The new car has the codename W213 and will have a selection f new gadgets, interesting style, new engines and have a sports car and seven seater car follow it.
There is a new platform on this new model which means that it has sportier proportions. Ti is wider and lower and the longer wheelbase means there is less head room and load space. This could mean that it will be more stylish though and with its lower grille, four LED head lamps and chunkier bumpers it looks good. However, the weight is the same due to the fact that lighter materials are too expensive.
There will be lots of new gadgets inside the new car. Here will be a heads up display which has information about the surroundings. There will be an ‘autobahn mode’ which means that the car can drive itself up to 80mph. There are cameras which look ahead to check the conditions and the car changes the damping so that any bumps are not felt so much. It will also park itself without a driver in it.
The engines will see a really big change as well. No longer will there be the V6 but in-line sixes. These will help to increase the efficiency of the vehicle and in the same way as BMW has matched 500cc cylinders in order to create three, four or six cylinder power packs depending on what is required. The petrol and diesel fours can share 60% of parts which help to save a lot of money. The petrol six will be able to do from 300 to 400bhp. There will also be an option of a turbo charged four put together with a six speed manual box as well as power base sports car with an option of a nin-speed automatic. There will also be a top spec diesel capable of 300bhp.
In the cabin there will be a lot of great kit as well. Mercedes wants to bring back its reputation of having a great quality cabin which means that there will be a lot of new features inside. There are two full size colour monitors and one of them even screens images of your hand so that it is easy to control the touchpad without having to look down at it. There is also a real image satellite navigation system and a changeable window tint depending on the level of privacy that you need. There is also electric surface heating that is so efficient that less air vents are needed.
Mercedes has plans for two plug in hybrid modules which will either create a boost in power of 80bhp or 110bhp.There will also be a range of 30 miles which can be driven with zero emissions. There will also be a mild hybrid option which has a three mile range and adds 40bhp. The sixes and e-motor combinations will give decent performance. There will also be a V8 option for those looking for something really powerful with the E63 AMG having a 4.0 litre V8 and that will manage around 600bhp and 553lb/ft torque. This makes the M5 with its 552bhp looks rather poor on comparison.
There will also be a great selection of body styles as well. There will be a CLS four door coupe as well as a two door coupe and a soft top car. They will be based on C-class mechanicals which means that there will be more space inside. It seems like there are also some thoughts about whether the CLS Shooting Brake, which has only just come to the market with a Sportcruiser model. It will be a 150mm longer successor to the R-class with seven seats. It could be more than 50k and will be available in the autumn of 2017.


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