Sighting of the Kia Sedona Minivan Made


Kia Sedona did not produce anything for the 2013 model year and is returning in 2015 with a full redesign. Recent spy pictures give a hint as to what this might look like. It may have been hoped that it would look like the 2011 KV7 Concept but it looks more like the Kia concept minivan.
The car has a lot of disguise, but there are still some things visible. It can be seen that it has some KV7 features such as the vertical front lights, pinched beltline which starts at the C pillar and the horizontal tail lights. It does have the Tiger nose grille that is the trademark of the brand as well as the dip in windshield.
From what can be seen, it certainly looks like the next generation Sedona will be a big improvement on the current one. The current model dates back to 2006 and is pretty boring and looks rather like the Ford Freestar. The changes made, will certainly make it look more exciting. Inside the car, there are not yet any clues but the photographer guessed that the model taken was probably using a 2.2 litre diesel engine.


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