Sighting of the 2015 BMW M2


BMW has been testing its new M2 coupe. This is the high performance versions and it has been seen on the roads in Germany and it is also the car features in Gran Turismo 5 as well.
The M2 is a new M car which is continuing from the 1M Coupe. The Gran Turismo game is a marketing tool used by quite a few car owners and there are many virtual cars on it from well-known brands from Mercedes-Benz to Aston Martin and now BMW has one. The games console game is a popular one and seeing the car on there should drum up some interest in the new model.
There is already some information available about the car. It is known that it will be a road going car and that it will use the same 3.0 litre straight six engine from the M235i which has a single turbocharger. It is expected that it will be more powerful with 355bhp compared with 322bhp.
It is a more aggressive car as well which means that it is larger width and length wise and this will provide the extra room needed to produce the extra power.
The spy pictures reveal the blistered wheel arches and there is more of a make over which cannot be seen, with many M division cues such as subtle restraint and polish and some gaping air intakes with less aero items.
It is expected that the car will cost around £40,000 and will be showroom in 2015.
The gaming version of the car is rather more extreme than the showroom model. It has the tricolour colours of the M series and it has the roundel on the C-pillar from the M1 with a paint scheme form the Batmobile and a Hofmeister kink from the 3.0 CSL. It also has a 3.0 litre straight six engine but it has been turbocharged to 542bhp and has a 1180kg kerb weight making the game version extremely fast.


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