Shots Reveal BMW M6 Gran Coupe


The BMW M6 Gran Coupe has been seen with its production trim. There have been spy shots taken of it before, but it was previously not with this trim and so it reveals more about the car than the pictures taken of it being tested on the Nurburgring. Car Magazine has published these shots so details can be seen.
It was expected that the car would be similar to the 640i Gran Coupe and it does have the same body with the front fenders and air intakes looking the same. It seems therefore that it will not get a unique design even for the new 20 inch wheels that other M6 models do not feature. It does have an exclusive steering wheel, like other M6 models, which is completely different to that in the 640i and it will have red and blue stitching. There will also be a different bezel and shifter and it looks to have an automatic start-stop.
It is also expected to have the 4.4 litre twin turbo V8 engine that is the same as that in the other M6 models which will give 500 pound feet of torque as well as 560hp. There has not been any indication of what the car will cost when it comes on to the market, but it is expected that it will cost between the prices of the M6 convertible which is $113,100 and the M6 Coupe which is $106,100. It has been previously announced that the car will debut at the Detroit Auto Show and then follow by going on sale in the summer.


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