Shots of the new Land Rover Baby Discovery


The pictures show a test mule which will be the new Baby Dioscovery that is set to replace the Freelander at the end of 2014. This movement in the product line means that there will be a Discovery 4 to replace the SUV and it will mean that the line up from Land Rover will be different to those offered by Range Rover.
This new bay Land Rover Discovery is larger than the Freelander as Land Rover feel that the Evoque with its five doors will appeal to those wanting a city car and so this will work for a different market. The test mule looks less boxy, with regards to styling than the Freelander as the back window is more rakish. The front and back lights are in a cluster that slices into the flanks of the car which is something that was started with the evoque and also on the Range Rover and Range Rover Sport.
The car has the same steel chassis as the evoque at the moment. It will be aluminium based though in the end, like the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover. It will also share powertrains with the Evoque to start with. This means that it will have the option of a four cylinder turbo diesel or petrol engine with front or four wheel drive options and a nine speed automatic gearbox. Later it will then get a British built engine made in Wolverhampton.
It is thought that the Baby Discovery will offer five and seven seater options unlike the Evoque. However the larger Discovery will have seven seats as standard.
It is thought that the price of the Baby Discovery will be a few thousand higher than the Freelander. The basic model is likely to be around £25,000 and if you want a top of the range model it will be more like £40000. This is better than the Evoque range with five doors which varies form £29,000 to £45,000, although you will not get a Range Rover badge of course.


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