Shots of the Audi Q7 Reveal Carbon Fibre Body


From new pictures taken of the Audi Q7, it does looking rather like an updated version of the car. It will be competing with the Range Rover Sport and it looks like Audi have decided that they need to do something impressive as a more in depth look reveals some clues to what the car may be being developed in to.
The pictures show the car with hardly any camouflage and it looks pretty much like nothing is different. However, a closer look shows that it is in fact inside the skin of the old model and that is being tampered with. A careful look at the pictures shows that one of the air intakes has been sealed and one opened which implies that the cooling may be being changed or at least experimented with to consider change. The exhaust pipes were also proud of the car which implies that the car was having some testing on its CO2 emission, which could imply there were changes there too.
The wheels also look like they are rather small for the boys and with rumours that a wider track will be used then this could very much explain it.
It is also expected that the car will lose a lot of weight, in fact 350kg to be exact from its current 2300kg. This loss will still leave the car fairly hefty but is a significant drop in size. This has been achieved by changing the materials the car is made from. In a recent interview with CAR, Wolfgang Durheimer, the R&D boss at Audi explained that they are able to weld aluminium and steel as well as glue on carbon fibre to the metals.
It is therefore expected that there will be a lot of carbon fibre in the body of the car in order to help make it light weight. It will not just be an addition to the trim, but actually be part of the main structure or else it would be difficult to reduce the weight that much. The company are finding a more efficient way to make the cars from the carbon fibre and are also always pleased for an opportunity to show its engineering dominance.
Price is an issue though because the carbon fibre is more expensive. However, running costs will be lower due to the reduced weight. However, with the heavy range rover, with its unpinnings of aluminium competing with the car, it is hard to know whether buyers will be looking for a lower car cost or running cost.


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