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The need for a ship car cross country is a problem that everyone faced at least once. The prerequisites for the emergence of this issue may be different: starting with a banal move to another city, ending with a trip. But it is always important to have a company on hand that is capable of transporting cars and providing good service. You may need a different type of transportation – it depends on the type of vehicle and your needs.

ShipCarsOur company has been providing services in the field of ship cars across country for several years and, thanks to its experience, is familiar with all aspects and nuances of this activity. During the entire period of the company’s work, we have transported more than a hundred cars of all kinds of classes, including elite premium models. We can guarantee that your car will be delivered to its destination in excellent condition, without any damage. To ensure the safety of your car, we have created several types of services. Further – about them in more detail.

Types of carriers

A car is an expensive purchase that requires a detailed approach during the ship car across the country. Ignoring safety rules will inevitably lead to breakdown and the car will need to be repaired. If you have contacted our company, you can be sure that everything will be held at the highest level, and your car will not change its original appearance as a result of work.


It is an open type car transporter. This type of transportation will suit you if you want quality at a reasonable price. A safe ship a car across country will be carried out very inexpensively, but please note that if you are the owner of a first class car, this type will not suit you, because it cannot protect the cargo from environmental influences.


An excellent choice for classic or custom designs. It guarantees the highest level of protection. Your car will be protected from bad weather conditions and will not catch the eyes of strangers. Along with the higher cost of service, you will receive more favorable, comfortable conditions for your car.


We thought in advance about your convenience and created a number of services. As a result, absolutely everyone will be able to find the most profitable and suitable solution for themselves and carry out transportation with the most comfortable conditions.

Solve the issue remotely

If you do not have enough time to take ship cars cross country to the terminal yourself, just give the keys to the courier! This opportunity is great for those who save their time. You should not postpone important matters that require immediate resolution – we will do everything for you.


If you still have enough free time and you want to carry out high-quality transportation at an affordable cost, then this service is for you. You just need to come to the terminal itself and hand over your vehicle to our employee. When your car arrives at its destination, we will send a notification.Urgent transportation. Have unexpected circumstances suddenly overtaken you? Do you need to ship car across country to another city as soon as possible? We will solve your problem. Your car will be delivered to the required place as quickly as possible, and nothing will spoil your plans.


We have shown ourselves as a company that provides lightning fast transportation. The work is done in the shortest possible time and very efficiently thanks to the work system developed over the years. Delivery usually takes two weeks. At the same time, the terms may change depending on the final delivery point, so we recommend that you find out the information you are interested in on the terms from the managers in person.
Tracking. So that you do not worry, we have created a system with which you will receive messages about the location of your car throughout the entire period of transportation. You will also be provided with the driver’s phone number if you want to receive the information of interest directly.


We carry out the work of our company for many years and do it absolutely legal. This means that we are responsible for your shipment and that you have legal protection. You can rest assured that your car will be delivered in its original form.

Do you still have questions? Would you like to receive a personal consultation? Please do not hesitate to contact our managers. We are always ready to answer you and provide answers to all your questions.


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