Second Generation BMW X6 M SUV Seen Testing


It will be November when the second generation BMW X6 appears in showrooms and then the M version will be focussed on more. This will be a new version of the 4×4 coupe with the same V8 engine that is used in the M5 car.
It is expected that there will not be huge changes but there will be some. There will not be much of a change in looks, for example, as it will be very much like the previous model. However, there will be a nostrils on the grille in the same style as the X5 which will merge with the lenses of the headlights. Looking at pictures of the BMW X4 M will give you a good idea of what it might look like.
It is expected that the engine will be the same 4.4 litre twin turbocharged V8 as the old version. However, it will be retuned. This is the same engine that is used for the two door M6 and the M5 saloon.
It is expected that the power will see some increase from 547bhp on the old model to 565bhp on the new model  but the torque will remain at 500 lb/ft. It is also expected that the gearbox will change with the six speed one being replaced by either a seven speed one with dual clutch or an eight speed automatic.
It is expected that the new model will be a bit heavier than the current one, because of the extra aluminium in the body and the new alloy wheels, although they will not make a massive difference.
There will be all-wheel drive as standard in the car as well as the M performance brakes and adaptive damping. There will also be a new body kit that will be very much brasher than the old one. It is expected that there will be a rear diffuser in the same colour as the main body of the car. There is a small lip spoiler on the tailgate and four exhaust pipes. There are small extensions to the wheelarch which extend the wider look of the car. The car that is seen testing has tape on the morror casings which hide a silvered finish like is on the M235i coupe.
There is a badge which says X6 M n the driver’s side of the grille and this is one of the big clues that it is an M vehicle, but there are other clues as well. There are darker grilles whicg have a unique mesh on them and there are also lower intakes as well as a front splitter that is deeper.
It is expected that there will be a triple spoke steering wheel that is typical of the ‘M’ models as well as alloy paddle shifters. There will also be a speedometer that goes up to 200mph. It is expected that the X6 will be in the showrooms late this year and so the M version will be in them some time the following year.


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