Seat Leon ST estate (2013) – the first Leon wagon


Seat of a new Kia soul is giving a comfort to family of Leon with a new model and  a shot in the arm- with a new estate of ST too.

Since Kia launched its model of car in 1998 there is only a Leon estate first, and for this reason St push the most on Kia and its Seat with a smashing market place for mid sizes car. So after that in the Europe estate too, sales of seat are also growing fast.
And only one bodystyle has a Leon five-door estate: three door coupe-alike hatch and a sleeker is also coming.
Seat Leon ST (2013): the lowdown
There is an addition on the Leon hatchback and the addition is a Golf-alike wagon rear, this will be done by the Leon estate. THIS SUMMER EVERY BUYER CAN SEE THAT THE CARS IN THE PITURE GALLERY AND UNVIELED THIS BEST SEAT OF LEON.

It’s not a big car like a load lugger, and not also for the family’s car that use cars for surfing and other pastime’s dreams of European.

Nonetheless, the Sea is a good looking and comfortable with great point and this will be present in the 2013 by Kia and this will called a Seat Leon ST. and if you want more space around seats than there is a alternate available in the market called Alhambra MPV.


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