Seat Leon (2012): the new spy photos


We have managed to catch a glimpse of the new 2012 Seat Leon. Continental countries can expect to be riding in this sleek car by the end of the year 2012 but unfortunately the UK will not see this car until 2013.
What do we know about the 2012 Seat Leon?
•    It has five doors
•    It will have a body very similar to the lbiza – we can expect a 3 door Leon
•    Other models will be released such as a three door couple and also a ST estate Leon
What’s technology will the new Leon have?
•    The most updated VW hardware that could be found such as, downsized engines, twin clutch transmissions and there is the possibility of electric power in the future as well.
•    In 2015-2016 we can also expect a Leon EV
•    DO NOT be on the lookout for four wheel drive models the manufactures want to make sure the core is a success first before they get ahead of themselves.


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