SCOOP: BMW X6 M with Tri-Turbo Diesel engine?


SCOOP: BMW X6 M with Tri-Turbo Diesel engine?

Here is a tricky one; we can all see that it’s a BMW X6 M but what engine is in there? What kind of engine needs so much air that BMW reinvented the scoop. Well, we have two guesses: It’s a high-power version of the twin-turbo V8 known from the X6 M OR it’s the rumored tri-turbo high-power diesel engine. That would make this a test mule for the BMW X6 xDrive 55dM or what BMW decides to call it. Insiders at BMW say that the tri-turbo diesel engine will first come in the face lifted X6 and later follow in the 5-series as an M550dX. And if this really should be that monster diesel, the rumored 500+ horsepower will definitely need more air. We heard figures between 500 up to 540 horsepower with a torque north of 650 lb-ft. We will keep updated as soon as we hear some more news about the hot-rod X6.

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