Save the Nurburgring – big source of spy photos


In Germany, the movement is gaining momentum in favor of the legendary Nurburgring track, which is increasingly exposed to inappropriate utilization of its current owners.

Save the Nurburgring

This historic track was opened in 1927 and has witnessed many great races, as in motor-and in motorsports. Now the owners of the track are burdened with significant debt – about 400 million euros.

Track state-owned and controlled by government, too, but in 2007-2009 the government built an amusement park and passed it in May 2009 to private investors, and together with two runs.

Investors are built there is another theme park, roller coasters, as well as shopping centers and hotels. All this has little to do with motorsports. Also, to compensate for the lost money will inflate the price of everything associated with the track, including in the race.

Nurburgring (German Nürburgring) – race track in Germany, near the village of Nurburg (Rhineland-Palatinate). Construction completed in the spring of 1927, the first competition of the Universal German Automobile Club was held May 18, 1927. Currently held at the track race a Formula-1 “, DTM, GP2, and other motorsports series ring. Also on the racetrack competitions in other sports and an annual rock festival Rock Am Ring.

The track was built near the village of Nurburg and medieval castle in the Eifel Mountains, about 70 kilometers south of Cologne, 100 km north-west of Mainz. Originally racetrack consisted of four “rings” – Gesamtstrecke 28,265 km in length (the “Joint Loop”), which in turn consisted of 22 810-km Nordschleife (“Northern Loop”) and the 7,747-kilometer Südschleife (“South Loop” ). There was also 2,281-km “ring” workout (warm-up) Betonschleife, around pitleyna. Between 1982 and 1983 the region around the start-finish line was destroyed to create a new GP-Strecke – it is on this track and all the major races are held at present. However, Nordschleife is still used today.


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