S-Class Mercedes-Benz Pictured undisguised


Although the Mercedes-Benz S-Class has not been very heavily camouflaged recently, it was still a surprised to see this totally undisguised model. There were no real surprises though as most people have guessed what it will look like due to the recent pictures taken of it. The car was out being pictured for some promotion shots.
A few notable points were the disappearance of the flared wheel arches that were a feature of the last generation car as well as the added character. The creases along the bodyside have increased in number and this has made it look more like the CLS-class. There is also a massive grille and LED taillights in a vertical position which look more like the F700 concept from 2007. There is also a very large panoramic roof and narrow exhaust outlets. The biggest change form the current car deisgn though are the front fascia which is more aggressive and the headlights which are trimmed LED’s. There is also a very burred interior shot which reveals no more than was seen back in January from the uncovered shots that were seen then.
It does seem like the S-class will have a new look which is rather more expressive as well as expensive looking although it is still rather conservative compared to other new designs. However, in these times where many decisions are based on tight finances, it is hardly surprising.


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