Rolls-Royce Corniche 2014- Spy Shots


Rolls-Royce Corniche 2014- Spy Shots
Rolls-Royce has always been one of the brands that came up with one of the world’s best, luxurious and also expensive cars. However, it is hard to imagine how a well-known brand like this could possibly get itself in the prototype camouflage. The spy images that you can see of the to be launched Rolls-Royce Corniche gives a hint that it will have something different in the offering. It could be possibly with the opulent 2-door Rolls, and how it will actually look once it gets done with the production in the upcoming years. The paintjob of this Rolls, the white and black appeal is capable of hiding possibly anything that goes beneath it. Especially with the BMW grille cuts, the twin kidney kinds and the rear doors that it offers. The center caps have been hidden, the ones that come with a 7-spoke alloy. Excluding the model wearing the small grille, there is somewhat comparison to Sedan. It may be a bit hard to see it on this vehicle, the taper is very elegantly meeting the trust, and not to forget, the rear spoiler is basically part of the disguise.
This Ghost Comes Without Any Mystery
The suspense is finally going down. At least, we are going to get the sheets off and get a glimpse of what is beneath the super cool and not to forget the ultra-luxurious option. The current Ghost Sedan in comparison with the Rolls Arsenal suggests that the price of the Rolls Corniche is going to go slightly upwards. The sticker price of Rolls arsenal is $250,000 approximately, therefore, the price for the Corniche will go up to $300,000. As far as power options of this car are concerned, it is assumed to be the same. For example, you will find the similar 563-twin bhp- turbocharged with a 6.6-liter engine i.e. a V-12 and the speed option would be a 8 automatic transmission that is found usually in the 4-door option. It is likely to see this car debut at the Geneva Auto Show in the coming year. The production is likely to start the same year or may be during early 2014.


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