Roding Roadster spy video


Roding Roadster spy video

We have something to wet your whistle over, the Roding Roadster is expected to be able for purchase later this year.
You can expect a vehicle that is lightweight when you get behind the wheel of the mid-engine two- seater sportscar. There are portions, such as the rear subframes made of aluminum in an effort to keep the weight down. You will also find that reinforced carbon fiber plastic makes up the chassis. A engine that has been supercharged and producing 300 PS and 400 Nm of torque is what lies under the hood. 3 kg/PS is what the Roding Roadster has for power to weight ratio. This is absolutely stunning.
The Geneva Motor Show on March 6th will play as host for the unveiling of the Roding Roadster.

Roding Roadster


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