Review of 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class. Spy video.


2016 Mercedes E-Class facelift spy

At present Mercedes is active in giving finish touches to its latest 2016 E-class Mercedes Benz that can start a new era of self-driving technology, hybrid cars and six engines. The 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class spy shots taken by some of the spy photographers in Germany have captured the prototype of this new on road executive car.

The new E-class Mercedes car codenamed as W213 closely resembles S-class top range cars as their four-wheel drive platform and MRA rear are used in it to provide it a smart technology. In fact Modular Rear-wheel drive Architecture or MRA is the scalable hardware that is known for everything that can keep the three-pointed star of C-class at the top except the crossover vehicles.

Lighter structure of new E-class

Increased use of aluminium ranging between 70-150 kg is one of the main features of new 2016 E-class which is normally used to curb the weight of modern cars. But in E-class aluminium is used not only for reducing its weight but also for introducing oily bits of MRA which will start a new era of small-sized engines that can support the comeback of straight six engine in them.

Reasons of the comeback of straight sixes in Mercedes 

The launch of latest E-class Mercedes can start the ending of v6 engines against the cheap modular and latest six-cylinder engines that closely corresponds to four-cylinder engines and can be used in diesel and petrol type cars. The 2.9-litre diesel six was the first battery driven engine in this series which was used to produce over 400bhp after motivated by four chargers and 313bhp in twin-turbo vehicles. A new 122bhp 1.6-litre four-pot engine was used at the low end range of E-class cars to give 99g per kilometre of CO2 on an average

Expected body-style of the new Mercedes E-class range

It is not a matter of surprise that you can expect various changes in the body-style of the new E-class Mercedes in coming years. Various E-class cars like Daimler are getting business due to their shape and body-style then there is no reason that you cannot expect unique body-style in the 2016 edition of E-class Mercedes Benz.

Abundance of gadgets

The new 2016 E-class Mercedes-Benz is truly made to showcase the technology used in Daimler but autonomous driving technology used in it can be the stepping stone of this new technique. The gadgets used in it will display the future reality by allowing you to park your car in a confined space and operate the auto-pilot type driving controls with the help of your phone.

Interior of 2016 E-class Mercedes 

The interior of 2016 E-class Mercedes is designed to give it a classy look exactly like the standards of the company. They have created a longer wheelbase to this latest edition to give a great on-road experience by pushing the front wheels further instead of actually changing the length of the car. Moreover production taillights are used for the first time in this car. These camouflaged lights with curved lids give a futuristic look to this car.

Cylinders and platform of the car

Even if 2016 e-class Mercedes has navigation screen and infotainment on the top of its dashboard like other FWD vehicles with MFA platform but still its interior gives an elegant look instead of a sporty car. This new sedan is based on the platform of stretchable MRA architecture of Mercedes which was also used in new GLC and C-class, the SUV replacement for GLK, and lots of aluminium to keep down its weight. According to various reports received till now it is assumed by the market experts that next generation modular engines of a German firm will be used to give power to 2016 E-class Mercedes. Though the repeated use of this technology is repeatedly denied by various companies but still there are possibilities of release of at least two hybrid models of EV from Audi and Porche in near future.

Thus you can experience that the art of driving cars is changing at an exciting speed by driving the latest model of 2016 E-class Mercedes Benz. You can find this car on road after the release of the 2016 Mercedes-Benz E-Class spy shots taken by some of the German spy photographers and spot the changes in it. You may expect that the new E-class Mercedes can lead you straight into the new world of bravery through its latest features and technologies.


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