Reports of the Range Rover Evoque


The extended wheel base Range Rover Evoque has not been spotted before and so it is interesting to see what it has to offer. It is expected that it will appear on the market late next year and be priced at a higher rate than the regular model because it has more space inside and in the boot.
The stretched body is very obvious despite the fact that the roof slope design is the same as the standard model. There is a larger quarterlight window though, because of the extra space meaning the rear will be very roomy. It could even offer a seven seater because there is so much space.
The current Range Rover LWB is designed to offer lots of leg room to rear seated passengers but the new Evoque is aimed at a family car market, which is why it would be a sensible option to provide more seats. This would mean that the seven seat Discovery could be pushed to a more up market area as there are some gaps there. The new Rangie is over £70k and the regular Discovery 4 is half that and so there is a significant price difference. It is felt that the Range Rover Sport, due to arrive on the market next year, will fit there to some extent but an Evoque with seven seats could add to that and it could help to increase sales. The company saw an 18% increase in sales in 2012 compared to 2011 and so they will be keen to continue with that.


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