Spy scandal at Renault, unexpected continuation


renault spy scandal

Earlier this year in France erupted scandal. The French company Renault has accused three top managers that they were engaged in industrial espionage. Renault allegedly operated a whole organized group, which is engaged not only in espionage and bribery, embezzlement and other crimes.

Charges were brought against Jean-Michel Balthasar, Bertrand Mathieu Rochette and Tenenbaum. They are from the beginning maintained his innocence, but nobody believed them – managers were ignominiously dismissed and they began to assume almost the chief enemies of the French car industry. But the investigation conducted has proved that all three suspects are not entirely unrelated to the scandal. And it turned out, was fabricated by security … Renault. Rather one of the employees of this service. For what he did remains a mystery – according to some sources, he received money from Renault to investigate, but then assign them to yourself, and all decided to blame top managers.

Was forced to make excuses and head directly Renault Carlos Ghosn. “It appears we were misled. We obtained information was fabricated. The first thing I would say it’s an apology, their personal as well as on behalf of Renault, Michel Balthasar, Mathieu Tananbaumu Rochette and Bertrand, their families and friends. I pledge to guide the company to take them to work again and pay appropriate compensation, “- said Carlos Ghosn.


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