Range Rover Sport Styling Spotted in Evoque Style


Range Rover Sport Styling Spotted in Evoque Style
Some spy shots have been taken by CAR and from looking at them it seems like the new Range Rover sport will be styled in a similar way to the Evoque. It seems that it will no longer have a very heavy frame but will follow the thinner look of the entry-level Evoque. It seems like the two biggest Range Rovers will be very different.
The features that the new Range Rover Sport has that mimic the Evoque include the grille. This is high set on the front and has two rows of hexagons which are close together. The Evoque had this on its 2007  LRX car.  It also has a slim profile which is typical of the Evoque although the way that the headlights wrap around the wing is rather more like the new Range Rover. The front bumper sees a pair of fog lights which have fake intakes and this mirrors those on the Evoque and the two low set grilles on the Range Rover are not seen on the new Sport. The front sump guard is also something which is an option of silver or black versions of the Evoque.
There are some features on the back that are very much like the Evoque as well. These include the rear lights which wrap around and are stacked short. There are also D-pillars which are steeply raked. The rear spoiler is high mounted which reflects the tapering roofline. The very last feature that very much reflects the Evoque is the rear bumper which is boxy and even has exhausts integrated in it.
There are some differences from the Evque though. The wing mounted vent on the front doors seems to be exactly the same as the Range Rover.
It is expected that the Range Rover Sport will go up for sale around the £60k mark and will be revealed in March next year. Then the comparisons can be made completely and it will be seen whether it really is that similar to the Evoque.


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