Range Rover Sport Sees Changes


The current Range Rover Sport is capable of 510 horsepower and so a very powerful car. However, there have been some new photos from the Nurburgring which have shown a new model, that looks like it might be even more powerful. This is the Range Rover Sport R and although it has been spotted before, never like this. It has no camouflage but instead just stripped down bare metal.
It certainly looks like it has the potential to be the most powerful Land Rover ever. It has four exhaust pipes at the rear which is different to the lasts prototype of this car that was spotted. It also has what seems to be a larger rear spoiler. There are large air intakes on the front of thevehicle which are just below the headlights and it looks like these are providing air to a V8 5.0 litre supercharged engine, if the photographers are correct that is.
It looks very much like it is following the footsteps of the Jaguar as the Range Rover Sport seems to be the equivalent of a Jaguar XF and the supercharged version like an XFR. Both of these have 510 horsepower with a V8 engine. If this is the case then this new Sport R is likely to have a 550 horsepower engine in the same way that the XFR-S did. The driving experience was tightened up by this and so the same effect is expected.
Of course, nothing has been released officially and so at this stage, this is still rumour and guess work . The car will arrive some time next year and that is when we will all know for sure.


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