Range Rover LWB 2014 Seen in Disguise


The 2013 Range Rover has been seen in testing with quite heavy disguise. It is thought that there will be changes on the 2013 model which is already pretty luxurious and ticks many boxes. It looks like the wheelbase will be longer as well and as it only had light disguise and trim that looked pretty much production ready it may not be long before it is ready.
It has been said that the wheelbase is six inches longer and that can be confirmed when comparing the panoramic roof size of this one with the current vehicle. The space has been added between the B and C pillars which means that it will be the rear passengers that will benefit from it. It is expected that this has been designed to appeal to the Chinese market where this type of vehicle is getting increasingly popular. It is expected that it will go to the US market too though which means that Range Rover will have even more models for customers to choose from.


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