Range Rover LWB (2013) – new spy photos


The Range Rover LWB is being considered as the best range rover built ever. The fact is true. It has many reasons behind the claim. The architecture of the car is magnificent and has great breakthroughs that make it the best rover till now. The new Range Rover LWB is suited for any kind of terrain. It has many fascinating features like the revised stereo, instrumentation, a cool interior, electronic parking brake, trim and dashboard, a great fascia. It has the latest V8 diesel engine that makes it more powerful than its previous versions. It has totally eliminated the 6 cylinder engine, but then also gives the same fuel economy.
The new engine that has been introduced into this latest model of range rover has been made to power one of the greatest vehicles in the world. The model’s performance is unmatched. It is a great blend of economy and refinement. This makes the range Rover a must have for many vehicle enthusiasts. It will make the market of diesel vehicles more strong. It will bring a strong appeal to those customers who have never used a diesel car before this. When compared to the other Range Rover diesel models, this new engine is almost 75% quieter than those in the previous versions. This is indeed a huge improvement. When measured in terms of quantity and quality, this new diesel engine is very similar to the V8 petrol engine. This has been a tremendous achievement by the engineers. You will also notice that the level of noise in the new model of Range Rover has been dramatically reduced. A comprehensive acoustic system has been used to dampen the noise and the noises coming from the external parts will be totally avoided. The performance of this heavy duty terrain vehicle will be just like the petrol cars. Yet it delivers something more than the petrol cars. It provides great comfort, awesome off road capabilities, huge carrying capacity and a massive towing ability. And you will be amazed to know that all these come with exemplary refinement.

It has the all new and enhanced terrain response feature which reduces the effort of the driver by enhancing both its off-road and on-road capabilities. The Terrain Response feature has been patented by Land Rover. It has 5 terrains setting from which the driver can choose. All these provide different rotary control. The brakes and suspension settings of the Range Rover has gone up-gradation so that it matches the TDV8 engine. The hand brake has been replaced by the electronic park brake.


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