Range Rover (2012) Project L405 Loses Its Disguise


The rundown to the launch of the upcoming 2012 Range Rover is definitely going on, and the costume is slowly peeling off from the prototype that has been testing across the UK, and the rest of the world.
The brand-new Range Rover is certainly the most talked car at the moment, and there are sightings of it almost daily from readers and professional spies. It’s still been a few weeks since we last posted photos of the new Range Rover, and these photos are definitely in a more production-ready form ready-to-go right now and here too.

Range Rover (2012): The Disguise Slips Right Off

These new spy photos will prove that the Range Rover is not just a squashed Range Rover Evoque, as other people have though.

Some of the accoutrements and points may be similar to the Evoque, once that disguise is completely removed for sure, but the upcoming 2012 Range Rover will keep all its elegant status, according to those that know.

Basically, the managing editor, Greg Fountain, looked at these photos and thought how silly it would be for the Land Rover to even add the look-at-me disguise. He said, “if it didn’t have zebra stripe, then he’s not sure he would even recognize it as the new Range Rover.”

This just goes to show how closely the designers are looking into the spirit of the Range Rover family, if not the detail too. The details will surely be brand-new, and the design director, Gerry McGovern, is telling us that we can expect a very high degree of luxuriant touches.

Gerry McGovern On The Brand New 2012 Range Rover Model

In one of the previous interviews with CAR, McGovern told us, “When it comes to sustainability, people like to talk about weight and technology, but when they see a big vehicle, they instantly think it’s bad. What I’m trying to see is how you can bring down the visual robustness to get the right visual look, to the point where it doesn’t look overly big, but it doesn’t look skinny either.”

“One of the things we have talked about is how we’re looking at it from an engineering and packaging perspective, and the next Range Rover is optimizing the package to get more legroom in the back. The natural thing to do is grow the H points (where the person’s bum sits) and grow what goes around this area. And then, wouldn’t it be nicer with a lot larger tail? Well, then, you start to get a bigger vehicle. We are not going there. We don’t want our vehicles to be any bigger.”

So the upcoming 2012 Range Rover will be less weighty, and it will be helped out a lot by the new aluminum architecture that sits underneath it, and future Land Rover products. Weight is said to come down from around 2.8 tonnes to about two.

Basically, the Ranger Rover will be a four-wheel drive car, and this is no Freelancer, but the engine technology will be a lot more clever. There are supposed to be hybrids coming out in 2013-14, but the vast majority of these engines will be V6 and V8 petrol and diesel too.

It’s not all about downsizing either. We are hearing about an increased capacity V8 that is being looked into in the R&D base in the Midlands for power-crazed nations where fuel price really doesn’t make a difference to them whatever.


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