R8 E-Tron of Audi goes on Hot laps in Nurburging


R8 E-Tron of Audi goes on Hot laps in Nurburging
Try to imagine that you want to spy shoot the hot laps taken by the new version of Audi in Nurburging. You have a Ford Scorpio which is parked and you have taken it up the hill for getting a good shot off the car in a good angle. There are three cameras on the body of the car on all the sides and the temperature is a single digit. The job is boring for you. There are many boys with the cars racing by. When the wounded leg of yours is getting bandaged then you will think that eh boys should get back to play the videogames. You try to continue the wait by shifting the position. The wails floating in the air from the sports bike Zip hurts your eyes badly. You try to get up and stretch before resuming to again waiting.  There is a sudden stop in the traffic which will help you to check the gear and do a small mental rehearsal.
Suddenly you start to hear the tires which are heard with the roar of the engine. This sound tells a tale itself. You try to take the camera which has the long lens.  When you are trying to get it near the eye the Electric car just passes speedily to you. Something which is combusted internally gives a big sound. The cameras have all the cylinders combusted and the car is in the camera vision for a few seconds. Then something blocks and you give out a deep breath and start walking showing back to the track.
The R8 E-Tron Audi will take only one lap in Nurburging that particular day. Yu had to capture the lap. This may not happen again as the car will be in the sale the next year. You need to go to the car for getting he pictures downloaded.  You need to show the world about the R8 Which Is without the exhaust pipe. The hoods are given extra cooling and the rear windows are blacked out for a better view.
You send the e-mails of the photos all over the continent and across the oceans.  There won’t be any money deposited into your bank for a little while. By the time you get eh money a little more e-mails would have been sent by you.
Because of this a lot of lagers are consumed. You think it is noon and go home. There is no one in the expat bar. Yu try to think hard whether there is at least one bottle left in the fridge.


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