R-Type Honda Civic Seen Cold Weather Testing


R-Type Honda The concept car for the next Honda Civic Type-R has been at a selection of auto shows now. However. There are no firm specifications for the production model yet and the pictures of it testing in cold weather make it look like there are still none at the moment. The test car looks very much like an earlier version with no disguise. It has a toned down body kit compared to the concept car but this one does have disguise and so it is hard to spot all of the similarities and differences. However, it does look very much the same except perhaps reshaping to the back lights. When the Civic Type-R appeared at the Paris Motor Show last year it was said that it would be released in Europe this year. The concept car has a 2.0 litre engine with turbocharger and four cylinders. This made it 276 horsepower and has a six speed manual gearbox and front wheel drive. There were dampers that were adaptive as well as a steer axis which was put in to reduce torque steer as well. There was even a company goal of making the car the fastest front wheel drive vehicle around the Nurburgring. There are rumours that the car might be sold in the US as well but only time will tell as to whether this will turn out to be true or not.


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